Saturday, September 30, 2006

Little Dog.

So today I'm walking to work, enjoying the sun.

As I came around the corner of the road I ended up startling a little dog. There's this big hedge that runs right up to the corner, so I didn't see the dog and he didn't see me. I'm not sure what he was doing before I came around the corner, but by his reaction I think it was either taking a shit or masturbating.

He leaped up in the air, yipped, and started barking at me. All while running away. That's alright - I just kept on walking, figuring the dog would run into the yard it came from and just leave me alone.

If it was only that easy.

This dog stayed about ten feet in front of me, on the sidewalk, barking while running away. It would look over it's shoulder at me and continue to bark - trusting in it's innate dogginess to prevent it from running out into the road.

This goes on for almost a whole block.

As the dog and I pass by this lady in her yard, she looks at the dog (still barking) and then looks at me. The dog is in full force and still heading away from me as fast as it's little legs can carry it. As I walk by the lady she looks at me in puzzlement and asks:

"Is that your dog?"

"Yes" I said to her, "He just really hates me and this is how I take him for a walk."

After another puzzled look, I explain to her that no, it's not my dog and that he's just running away because I spooked him when I came around the corner. Still not comprehending me, I just smiled and walked away.

The dog kept barking.
God I hate that fucking Dog.


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  1. dog at large? You should call the pound. Oh, right: they'll make you catch it and wait for them. I don't recommend that.