Monday, September 18, 2006

Popeye's Pissed.

Spinach is being recalled all across Canada and the United States.

There is E.coli in there, which means that those who eat it will get very, very sick.

I always thought that Popeye's squinty eye was just astigmatism, and that a early childhood hormonal imbalance was the cause of his freakishly large forearms and Jay Leno-like chin. It seems to me that Popeye wasn't telling us everything about his favorite leafy green vegetable.

If the price he pays for Super-Human strength and endurance is bloody diarrhea and kidney problems, he can just keep that shit to himself. (Pun partially intended.) I think this juice-junkie has toyed with our nutrition for the last time.

Thanks for Spinach Dip and Spanokopitas, Popeye, but no thanks.


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