Wednesday, November 10, 2010

True Patriot Love

Just when I thought Canadian bands couldn't get any cooler, I see this on the news today:

The Trews visiting a B.C. school that's practicing "Highway of Heroes" for their Remembrance Day ceremonies. Hearing all those kids singing along is kinda touching. (Don't go telling anybody I have feelings - I'll deny everything.)

Since the video is kinda muffled, here's the original for comparison.

Now that's Patriotic Goodness, right there.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Brand New Scene

Yesterday I switched my TV service over to Telus. I did the whole "Bundle" thing with the Home phone, TV, and Internet. (It's what all the cool kids are doing.) Since I already had Phone and Internet with Telus, throwing the TV package in there just seemed like a good idea.

I'm incredibly happy with the results.

Aside from waiting for the Install guy to show, it was a painless procedure. (be it Shaw or Telus, why do they have to say "Between the hours of 8am to 8pm" - what's wrong with "2-ish"?) The installation was quick and easy, and he had it setup and running in about an hour. (All shiny brand-new equipment too - he said that this is the 3rd gen stuff they are installing now, works like a charm.)

I really like the guide/schedule/PVR setup as opposed to what I had with Shaw - it's more polished and intuitive. The "Search" feature alone is worth the switch. I find that my picture quality is better too - but if that's from Telus or the fact that they use HDMI instead of Component cables, I'm not sure.

And the upgrade to my ADSL speed is nothing short of amazing - to go from max 5Mbps to approximately 15Mbps is pure heaven. It's not like I was in a two wheeled cart on a muddy road, but my Internet has gone from a minivan to a sportscar to say the least.

I'm sure I'll find some faults with it once the shine wears off, but for now I think I made the right decision.

Now if you'll excuse me - I have some High-Def Zombies I have to watch - (Walking Dead premiere is on repeat..)


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ticket Frustration.

As a Canadian hockey fan, I understand how tickets to games are always at a premium - there's no shortage of fans who are always willing to pay the maximum price for a chance to see live professional hockey. What astounds me is how affordable the American teams make it for the average fan to go.

While looking at the Colorado Avalanche fan page on Facebook, I noticed there was a "Guys Night Out" package at the Pepsi Center in Denver to see the Vancouver Canucks- 2 seats, 2 beers, and 2 T-shirts for $59.

59 Bucks - and if you want to upgrade the seats to the lower bowl, it's an extra $20. I decided to price this out, just to see what it would be after taxes and shit.

Once you throw in taxes, handling fee, and the charge to pick up at the Will Call booth, the total is $97.30 - and converting that to Canadian Dollars only ads 25 cents.

$97.55 for all that.

Compare to seeing the Canucks play Colorado at Rogers Arena - same seating area, beers, cheapest shirts and all that - $409.

For that price, you could afford to fly to Denver to see the game. (Doesn't include getting back, but still..)

I know it's all about supply and demand, but I think the difference is just crazy - and it must be twice as bad for Toronto fans - they are rumored to be even more expensive, and their team sucks!

I can't see this changing anytime soon, and that's unfortunate - I'd love to one day take the Boys to see a live game - without having to spend their university savings to do it.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Greatest Video Ever.
(According to my libido.)

Did I mention I didn't even turn my speakers on?


Monday, November 01, 2010

Blast from the Past

So I'm watching AMC's The Walking Dead.

(Fucking awesome show, by the way.)

As the episode closes, there's this wicked song that comes on during the closing credits. Maybe it was the fact that I just watched some spectacular, emotional, engaging TV, but I was really digging the grove.

So I go online to look up the title, and find out it's called "Space Junk" - Cue it up on Youtube, and I'm grooving away.

Then I notice something.

It's Wang Chung.

Yeah - that Wang Chung - you know, Dance Hall Days, Everybody Have Fun Tonight.. The guys I fucking hated in the Eighties. Turns out they made this song in '97.

I guess 13 years is enough time to bury the hatchet. (And after watching The Walking Dead, that's just such a great visual..) Doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy Look at My Wang - Wang Chung's Greatest Hits, but it does mean I'm going to grovve on this song just a bit more.