Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ticket Frustration.

As a Canadian hockey fan, I understand how tickets to games are always at a premium - there's no shortage of fans who are always willing to pay the maximum price for a chance to see live professional hockey. What astounds me is how affordable the American teams make it for the average fan to go.

While looking at the Colorado Avalanche fan page on Facebook, I noticed there was a "Guys Night Out" package at the Pepsi Center in Denver to see the Vancouver Canucks- 2 seats, 2 beers, and 2 T-shirts for $59.

59 Bucks - and if you want to upgrade the seats to the lower bowl, it's an extra $20. I decided to price this out, just to see what it would be after taxes and shit.

Once you throw in taxes, handling fee, and the charge to pick up at the Will Call booth, the total is $97.30 - and converting that to Canadian Dollars only ads 25 cents.

$97.55 for all that.

Compare to seeing the Canucks play Colorado at Rogers Arena - same seating area, beers, cheapest shirts and all that - $409.

For that price, you could afford to fly to Denver to see the game. (Doesn't include getting back, but still..)

I know it's all about supply and demand, but I think the difference is just crazy - and it must be twice as bad for Toronto fans - they are rumored to be even more expensive, and their team sucks!

I can't see this changing anytime soon, and that's unfortunate - I'd love to one day take the Boys to see a live game - without having to spend their university savings to do it.


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