Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Call

Goodbye, 2010, I hardly blogged ye..


Thursday, December 30, 2010


Picked up a smartphone the other day, and I'm really digging it.

I enjoy having the world's information at my fingertips, and just the fact that texting is so much easier is a plus.

I'm hoping I'll still feel the same way once the shine wears off, but the simple fact of being able to have workouts, dietary stuff, and the entire Internet in my hand is awesome.

(Like I said on Twitter- haven't had this much fun since I discovered my penis)

As for having the Internet in my hand? That includes sites with flash, because Android rules, and iPhones drool..


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

True Patriot Love

Just when I thought Canadian bands couldn't get any cooler, I see this on the news today:

The Trews visiting a B.C. school that's practicing "Highway of Heroes" for their Remembrance Day ceremonies. Hearing all those kids singing along is kinda touching. (Don't go telling anybody I have feelings - I'll deny everything.)

Since the video is kinda muffled, here's the original for comparison.

Now that's Patriotic Goodness, right there.


Friday, November 05, 2010

Brand New Scene

Yesterday I switched my TV service over to Telus. I did the whole "Bundle" thing with the Home phone, TV, and Internet. (It's what all the cool kids are doing.) Since I already had Phone and Internet with Telus, throwing the TV package in there just seemed like a good idea.

I'm incredibly happy with the results.

Aside from waiting for the Install guy to show, it was a painless procedure. (be it Shaw or Telus, why do they have to say "Between the hours of 8am to 8pm" - what's wrong with "2-ish"?) The installation was quick and easy, and he had it setup and running in about an hour. (All shiny brand-new equipment too - he said that this is the 3rd gen stuff they are installing now, works like a charm.)

I really like the guide/schedule/PVR setup as opposed to what I had with Shaw - it's more polished and intuitive. The "Search" feature alone is worth the switch. I find that my picture quality is better too - but if that's from Telus or the fact that they use HDMI instead of Component cables, I'm not sure.

And the upgrade to my ADSL speed is nothing short of amazing - to go from max 5Mbps to approximately 15Mbps is pure heaven. It's not like I was in a two wheeled cart on a muddy road, but my Internet has gone from a minivan to a sportscar to say the least.

I'm sure I'll find some faults with it once the shine wears off, but for now I think I made the right decision.

Now if you'll excuse me - I have some High-Def Zombies I have to watch - (Walking Dead premiere is on repeat..)


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Ticket Frustration.

As a Canadian hockey fan, I understand how tickets to games are always at a premium - there's no shortage of fans who are always willing to pay the maximum price for a chance to see live professional hockey. What astounds me is how affordable the American teams make it for the average fan to go.

While looking at the Colorado Avalanche fan page on Facebook, I noticed there was a "Guys Night Out" package at the Pepsi Center in Denver to see the Vancouver Canucks- 2 seats, 2 beers, and 2 T-shirts for $59.

59 Bucks - and if you want to upgrade the seats to the lower bowl, it's an extra $20. I decided to price this out, just to see what it would be after taxes and shit.

Once you throw in taxes, handling fee, and the charge to pick up at the Will Call booth, the total is $97.30 - and converting that to Canadian Dollars only ads 25 cents.

$97.55 for all that.

Compare to seeing the Canucks play Colorado at Rogers Arena - same seating area, beers, cheapest shirts and all that - $409.

For that price, you could afford to fly to Denver to see the game. (Doesn't include getting back, but still..)

I know it's all about supply and demand, but I think the difference is just crazy - and it must be twice as bad for Toronto fans - they are rumored to be even more expensive, and their team sucks!

I can't see this changing anytime soon, and that's unfortunate - I'd love to one day take the Boys to see a live game - without having to spend their university savings to do it.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Greatest Video Ever.
(According to my libido.)

Did I mention I didn't even turn my speakers on?


Monday, November 01, 2010

Blast from the Past

So I'm watching AMC's The Walking Dead.

(Fucking awesome show, by the way.)

As the episode closes, there's this wicked song that comes on during the closing credits. Maybe it was the fact that I just watched some spectacular, emotional, engaging TV, but I was really digging the grove.

So I go online to look up the title, and find out it's called "Space Junk" - Cue it up on Youtube, and I'm grooving away.

Then I notice something.

It's Wang Chung.

Yeah - that Wang Chung - you know, Dance Hall Days, Everybody Have Fun Tonight.. The guys I fucking hated in the Eighties. Turns out they made this song in '97.

I guess 13 years is enough time to bury the hatchet. (And after watching The Walking Dead, that's just such a great visual..) Doesn't mean I'm going to run out and buy Look at My Wang - Wang Chung's Greatest Hits, but it does mean I'm going to grovve on this song just a bit more.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Walking Dead.

I've set my PVR, double-checked the time slot, and if worse comes to worst, I'm ready to download the multitude of torrents I know will be up the next day.

I'm not going to miss The Walking Dead.

Forget that it's on AMC - who has two other awesome shows with Breaking Bad and Mad Men - it's from one of the best comic series I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Thanks to the Twin's ownership of a comic book store, I've been able to read at least 95% of this fascinating story. It's not a Zombie story - it's a story about people that happens to have Zombies in it.

If you haven't read the books, I'd suggest you do it asap.. I'm dying to see how they do some of the storylines on the small screen.

So after the candy is handed out and the porch light is turned off, don't bug me - unless you want to risk being one of the undead yourself.


Friday, October 29, 2010


The image to the right has me conflicted in so many ways.

There's a lot that I like:
  1. Hot woman? Check.
  2. Stockings? Um - yeah, Check.
  3. Skintight Dress, practically glued to her body? Check. (Is it hot in here or is it just me?)
  4. Heels? Check.
  5. Big Bird perched on her head like a Brain Slug from Futurama? Check.
(Yes - I list the Brain Slug look as a positive thing - anything that references Futurama is okay in my books.)

And some stuff that I find troubling:

  1. She's dressed like Big Bird.
  2. Big Bird appears to have crammed his beak into her cranium, completely rendering her incapable of thought.
  3. She's dressed like Big Bird if he was transformed into a nymphomaniac slut. (I really had problems putting this in the "negative" category.
  4. She's dressed like fucking Big Bird.

Now for the longest time, I've been completely fine with the "slutty" or "sexy" trend in Halloween costumes. Slutty Mail carrier, Slutty Teacher, Slutty Nurse, Slutty CSI, Slutty Jedi (oh I wish).. you get the idea. But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and I guess this is it for me.

Sure, you can parody the ambiguous relationship Bert and Ernie have, and even make fun of Oscar the Grouch as a belligerent drunk - but making Big Bird (and Elmo too, believe it or not - I've seen pictures) sexy and trashy is just wrong. Big Bird is the most child-like and innocent of all the Sesame Street characters - as far away from sexy as can be.

If I see a woman dressed in this, am I going to look? Hell yes - I'm a man after all. But I'd feel reaaaallllly bad about it afterwards. (Hey, maybe if I asked nice, she'd take it off...)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Power of Faith.

Whenever I go to the gym at a time other than my usual there's one thing I've noticed that always surprises me.

The 700 Club is on.

Now, most of the TVs in the gym are usually focused on one of two things: the News or Sports.

That's why it's such a shock to see one to the channels tuned into a religious program. It's hard to imagine one of the people that I work out with (around, actually) to be getting their Jesus fix on in between reps. (I think one of us would change the channel, but we're all secretly worried the it's the guy benching 285 who's eyeballing the program.) The private aspect of religion seems to clash with the openness of flexin' your glutes at the gym.

Shows what I know - just watch, Jesus will come back, and I betcha he's ripped.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Don't be Evil"

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" - The Usual Suspects

Let me just say that I'm sure Google knows more about me than my own Mother does. I use Google to search, Maps/ Earth for directions , Gmail for practically everything, and heck - you're reading this on Blogger, aren't ya?

Ya - I'm a fan.

But unlike everyone else in the world who is upset with Google for wi-fi privacy infringements and those who want there homes blurred in Google Street View, I think the company's biggest problem in this case is one of ignorance.

I secure my wi-fi network at home - everyone who lives around me has a secure network. If you are broadcasting an open signal to anyone who cares to jump onboard, you're an idiot.

That being said, I think Google, and especially the people who were involved in the data collection, are ignorant to the fact that there are people out there who aren't "tech" savvy and aren't going to accept the blame for leaving their digital front door wide open. I also think that Google"s ignorant (or arrogant) in thinking that nobody would catch them doing this - they are one of the most powerful/noticeable corporations in the world. Even if your slogan is "Don't be Evil", there are people out there who will assume you are doing your worst, and they live for moments like this - when they seemingly catch you with your hand in the cookie jar, inadvertently or not.

As for not wanting your home on Street View, I don't understand the fuss - anyone can get your address from a phone book, and can walk by and see the front of your home every day. Having the front view of my house accessible on the Internet really doesn't bug me - except that now some guy in Germany might notice that I needed to mow my lawn the day the Google Car drove by. The same people who are too ignorant to secure their wireless networks are probably the same ones who don't want their dwelling online, for fear of "teh h@ck0rz". Maybe there's a point I'm missing, but I don't think so.

Either way - I and millions of others around the world are going to continue to use Google and their products. I can still see Google's halo shining - it's tarnished, but in my book it's still there.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stairway to...

There are 23 steps on the stairs at work.

On days when I'm the only senior (in experiance, not age) manager here, it means that I run up and down those stairs about 15-25 times, just in the general day to day stuff.

On days like today, however, I run up and down about 30-45 times.

For some reason everything I needed today was at the top of those stairs.

Any job or task I needed to do? Top of stairs.
If someone needed something? Top of stairs.
Lunch Room? Top of stairs.
Gotta pee? Top of stairs.

You get the idea.

So lets just say that after the workout this morning, the usual lifting and stuff that I do anyway, and all the running up and down the stairs I did today, my legs fucking HATE me.

Too bad they don't know about the run I'm going to do tomorrow...hahaha.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Feel:

  • That once my legs adjust to all the punishment of squats and lunges, that I will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • That the new KOL album, while not their best effort - has grown on me, and I find it hard to step away from it.
  • That the minute the new Foo Fighters album comes out, the previous statement will become null and void.
  • That the fact that I use words like "album" makes me seem like I'm some ancient fossil.
  • That it took me 5 minutes to fix my keyboard (having inadvertently switched it to French) and that makes me feel like a failure as a geek.
  • That having just one day off is both a relief and a tease.
  • That having finished Lamb by Christopher Moore makes me crave more funny, insightful literature.
  • That just when I think Dave Grohl couldn't get any cooler - I see this.
  • That even though I love Shaun of The Dead, Zombieland, and The Walking Dead, enough with the Zombies already - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Really?
  • That if the River City ever got a Booster Juice, I'd be broke.
  • That I want a Samsung Galaxy S sooo bad. Not that I'd turn down an iPhone...
  • That I think I've exposed more geekiness in one post than I have in years on the Internet.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fuck You, 5am.

Is that too bitter?

Don’t get me wrong - I’m enjoying my new routine - the legs are a little bit sore from the different weight program, but everything seems great so far - with one exception:

5am sucks.

I used to do it no prob - 5am, jump out of bed, head to the gym or out for a run. But when I started letting things slide this summer, the first thing to change was how much I hit the snooze button. Not good.

I read somewhere that the best way to establish a habit is to do it (or not do it, as the case may be) for 21 days. After 3 weeks, your body adjusts to the change and you just accept it. So my goal is to make sure that I’m getting up for that morning workout or run on a regular basis.

Yesterday the combination of getting up at 5, the new weight workout, and heading back from holidays to bust my ass at work had me in bed by 10:15! (Really - how sad is that?) Today is the same, except now it’s a night shift, which meant that the whole night drrrrraaaggged. (Sure, I could have slowed down and left myself with work to keep me busy, but that’s not how I roll.) And do you know how hard it is to stay awake when there’s nothing to do? I felt like taking a nap on the Bakery Table - and don’t say coffee, the stuff at work is a crime against man.

But I overcame that, and soon it’ll be Marathons while shoulder-pressing 120lbs on 4 hours sleep.

Ha! If that’s the case I must be dreaming - I’m off to bed.

5am comes early, ya know.


Sunday, October 17, 2010


I failed my legs.

For the first time ever, I failed to PB (Personal Best) in the last two races I was in - The Victoria Half Marathon, and the Miracle Beach 10K. The fact that I placed well in both (429th out of 6800 and 27th out of 150+) is a small comfort - but basically I let myself down.

It's all a matter of training, really - I wasn't putting in the distance and staying focused like I did last year and earlier this year - I let my diet and the gym slide, and it shows. I was just tired of the same routine, and lost it on the follow through.

But that's enough - it's stopping now.

I'm rededicating myself, changing the routine, (can you believe running less?) and knocking the honey cruller out of my hand. I have a goal to CRUSH my Half Marathon PB at the Comox Valley half in March - that gives me plenty of time. (As for the running less part - don't think my Twitter feed will go silent - it'll still be minimum 3 times a week.)

Part of that re-dedication will come from this blog too- it was always something that helped, in running and life, and I would really like to get back to it. I'll try not to make it all about running, but if your tired of hearing me talk about my shoes, you might want to delete me from your bookmarks...

(On a side note, just occurred to me -I'm going to have to change my blog title soon - from "Thirty-something Man" to "Holy Shit, I'm Forty." - but that's 2 years away, so I can hold off on that..)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Digital Letdown.

A while ago, the book Little Brother was suggested to me.

I'm not going to talk about the book, except to say that it's fantastic and a must-read for pesudo-geeks like me.

What I am going to talk about is why I wasn't raving about it earlier.

I downloaded the book the day it came to my attention. (Before you curse me as some sort of digital pirate, it's a free download right here.) As compelling as it is, I was only able to make it through a couple of chapters - not the author's fault at all- reading for that long on a computer screen just sucked.

(Compare that with reading the entire book in one evening the moment I had it in paperback form.)

I'll be honest - I haven't tried any e-readers, and the moment I hold an iPad in my hands I'll probably be too preoccupied containing my geek-gasm to think of it as a device for casual reading - but something about holding paper in your hand while you read a novel just feels...right.

And it's not the reading material's fault, either - I'm having the same problem with A Confederacy of Dunces - trying to read the digital version while I wait for my actual copy to arrive is almost as maddening.

It's funny - with music I embraced the digital format immediately - movies took a bit longer, but now I've come to appreciate the convenience of a digital copy. But books? I just can't do it.

This all might change the moment I lay hands on on a Kindle or an iPad - but for right now, I say chop down some trees and fill my hands with pulpy literary goodness.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Got the most retarded phone call today, on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I pick up the phone, and immediately the guy launches into his spiel about the threat of an election in the fall, and that the Party now needs funds to get ready to fight the opposition.

(Why does the Conservative Party call me, you ask? Maybe I voted for them last time around - maybe because I didn't vote at all - or maybe I'm a middle-aged White Guy who's reported income falls in the right bracket...)

He tells me that if I just donate $200, I can get a $150 tax credit for my 2010 income taxes. ($200? Is he fucking nuts?) I politely told him that it's not fiscally possible for us to donate, and thanked him for his call.

Like a dog with a chew toy, he just wouldn't let go. He reminded me that I'd get 75% of my donation back when my taxes were done. At this point, I veered off into the realm of fabrication, and told him that I had recently lost my job, was on E.I., and times were tight trying to support the family.

This is when it got retarded.

He then tells me that they take credit cards, and that I could charge my donation, and potentially pay it back when I got my refund. (What kind of crack does this guy smoke before he logs in at the call centre?)

So just to get this straight - I tell him I'm unemployed, times are tight ,struggling to keep head above water, etc, and he advises me to go deeper in debt for a political donation. Sounds fucked? That's what I thought too.

I think that a huge part of the Government's problem, and those who work for them - is that they've lost touch with the opinions and efforts of average Canadians. Show me a Canadian who will go deeper in debt to fiance any political Party, and I'll show you one who deserves to be slapped upside the head with a shovel.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Right Now...

  1. I'm in love/ addicted to Peanut Butter. My craving each morning for peanut butter on whole wheat toast is something that cannot be denied. Oh, you may try to tempt me with Almond or Cashew butter, but be ready for disappointment.
  2. I'm typing on my laptop, drinking coffee, and updating my blog. The fact that I'm at home instead of Starbucks is the only thing preventing me from looking like a nerdy douchebag.
  3. I'm listening to the Kings of Leon - which I know always makes the Sidekick happy - but it's their last "most commercial" album, so I know inside he's dying just a little.
  4. I'm looking at the sunshine and wanting to go for a run - does it matter that I ran this morning? Not to me.
  5. I'm debating (internally of course, I'd look the fool debating all by myself) on what to spend some Birthday monies on.
  6. I'm realizing that nobody wins in an internal debate.
  7. I believe that BP has taken over the mantle of Most Evil Company on Earth - and is ahead in the running for Most Incompetent as well.
  8. I'd like to change my nametag at work to read "Most Evil Dairy Manager" - I'm sure I'd have to deal with less customers that way.

...but that's just how I feel right now.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

38 and Change

Today is my 38th Birthday.

To tell you the truth, it feels just the same as the day before, and the one before that. The only thing that amazes me about it is that I don't feel 38. Hell, mentally, I'm surprised if I'd rate anywhere over 18.

When I was younger I always looked at people near or over 40 as responsible, serious, and...old. As I creep up on that age myself, I find it's just the opposite - I'm serious, all right, but I'll still do shots in the cab of a truck or dance until I can't stand anymore. I relate well with people who are both 10 years older and 10 years younger than me. (Maybe that's just my sunny disposition, but who knows?)

So when does this "old" age hit?
Not for a long fucking time, if I can help it.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes I don't feel like I have much to say about what's going on around me - okay, maybe not that I don't have anything to say, but that I just don't have the words to express what I think of it all- not like I used to.. I find that lately I take more pride in the things that I do than in the things that I think.

I find that I'd rather talk about how I crossed the 2000 mile marker with my Nike+, or how well I did against a kid who's twenty years younger than me, than to talk about what I think of some random encounter with some weirdo at work.

Is that a good thing? Maybe - maybe not.

This place was sure a lot more entertaining when there was more of the former than the later..


Monday, May 03, 2010

Race Report, Part 2

Little bit more info on my Half, and then I swear I'll stop talking about it..

  • My official time is 1:33:48.
  • I placed 174th out of 6561.
  • I placed 30th in my age group.
  • I was the 153rd Male to cross the line - there are some fast women out there!
Surprisingly, I was faster on the last half of the run than I was on the first - I guess when I stopped thinking about where I was and just ran, I picked up speed. (Helps that after that motherfucking hill, gravity kicked in.)

I can't stress how nice the run was - I'm already thinking of doing this again next year, and maybe just keeping it as a Half always, and avoid the shitty winter Marathon training.

And maybe, if I give him enough warning and harp on him to drag his ass out and run - the Sidekick and I can run it together next year... (Not togethertogether, we're not like that - but run at the same time. I'd cruise over the finish line and then rest for a half hour or so until he caught up..)

Thanks Vancouver - I had a blast.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Race Report.

Today I finished the Vancover Half Marathon, and set a new personal best time: 1:33:50!

(I'll admit - pretty stoked..)

It was a great run - going through downtown Vancouver was spectacular, and Stanley Park was incredible...except for Prospect Point - which kicked my ass HARD. (Honestly, after that hill, I had resigned myself to a 1:40:ish time - you can imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner towards the finish line...)

As hard as the race was physically, I did have one emotional moment: We ran by the beaches along False Creek, and the last time I was there was when I went to see my Brother's name on the Vancouver Aids Memorial - I know Sonny would have been impressed. (He also would have called me an idiot for wearing shorts and running in the rain, but still..)

So now I'm going to take my tired legs and have a night out with the Sidekick - my feet took a pounding today, so why not my liver tonight?


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Oyster and Updates.

Yes it's been ages since I've updated, so here's a quick rundown of life:

  • I'm back in the OR. (For those of you not in the know, that's Oyster River, not Operating Room.) Little bit of culture shock again, but I'm sure I'll adjust. Plus: I go trail running on my lunch hour - it's a fun, scenic change from just pounding on the Seawalk.
  • Did the Comox Valley Half Marathon - rocked over last year - Improved by 6 minutes, finishing in 1:37:00! I was 111th out of 602, and 13th in my age group. Next up - the Merville 15K - a shorter run, but that just means I can hopefully go faster - looking to beat my 10th place finish from last year.
  • I kicked ass in the Weight Loss Competition at my gym - won in all 3 categories for men - pounds lost, inches lost, and body fat % lost. But since you can only win one prize, I only got one package. Still, nice to know I did well. (Woulda thunk I could hit 172pds?)
  • The night out with the Sidekick in the Riv? Yes - it was as sweet, and as full of G&T, as you would imagine.
  • Reading a lot of Chuck Palahniuk - just finished Choke, Snuff, Fight Club, and Survivor. Also finished Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby and Up In The Air by Walter Kirn. Really enjoying reading out of my "comfort zone" if that makes any sense...

And really, next to all the running, working, and Home life, that's about it. It's not the most exciting, but it suits me, I guess.

Trust me, I'll post something pithy and funny soon - right now, I'm flashing back to the Trews, Foo, and City and Colour.. Being back in the OR will do that to ya.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You, Vancouver.

  • For being cheerful and fun while I was there. Keep this up, and that "No Fun City" label will disappear fast.
  • For having a transit system that worked perfectly, and wasn't a pain in the ass to navigate.
  • For cleaning up and shining - looking like a true International City.
  • For having all those people in Blue Jackets around - who don't mind giving directions to a guy who's "got his buzz on".
  • For a Tim Horton's, Starbucks, or other caffeinated beverage place available when I stopped drinking Gin.
  • For being the Gateway to Poco, where the real party was.. hahaha.

I'll be back in a month, so don"t forget about me..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Feel...

  1. That with only two days left until I go to Van, I can't fucking wait.
  2. That starting a new workout regime the day before I have to do a Long Run is a Very Bad Idea. (Sore Legs!)
  3. That I could wear a Hockey Jersey to work every day and be quite happy.
  4. That True Canadians won't jump off the Team Canada bandwagon quite yet - we're used to disappointment - this is a country that has the Habs and Maple Leafs, remember?
  5. That even though I'm not a huge fan of the States, sometimes we Canadians come off as extremely bitter anytime we go up against the US in any Competition, like a loss to them results in the loss of our National Identity.
  6. That it wasn't until the Olympics were hosted on home soil that most Canadians even realized we have a National Identity.
  7. That there nothing hotter than a woman in a Hockey Jersey. (Unless that's all she's wearing, then"Yowza!")
  8. That it says something about me when I get a patriotic lump in my chest from a Tim Horton's Commercial.
  9. That the moment someone asks if I speak English, or jumps in the back of my car and demands I take them to the Airport, I'll give up tanning.
  10. That's probably a lie - I'd be flattered and offer to show them my tan lines. (Consider yourself lucky I haven't posted them to the blog, I'm that proud..)


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Olympic Fever.

I'm sick.

Sick in the sense that in one week I'll be over in the Big Smoke checking out the Olympics and hangin' with the Sidekick.

You see, I have tickets to 2 events over there that were given to me through work - Men's Hockey Quarterfinal's and Short Track Speed Skating - both events are on the 24th. I'm excited about the Hockey, of course (Center Ice seats in lower blues - how can I not be?), but the Speed Skating also looks to be interesting.

I'm going over with Baxy - a co-worker who I get along really well with- and he's just as excited as I am. We're going to head over early, enjoy the day and the events, and meet The Sidekick Downtown after the game - and knowing the 3 of us, I'm sure that's when the real party will start.

That's why I posted a picture of the Olympic mascots up there - The Sidekick's the Big Guy, Baxy"s the Small Guy, and I'm the one with the hat on who's waving - now just picture those three completely inebriated and having the time of their lives... Can you see why I'm excited now?

I've got the fever - I've got the chills.
Now I need the medicine, and a hot nurse too.

Van City won't be the same...hahaha.


Monday, February 15, 2010


Mondays and Thursdays are quickly becoming my favorite days of the week.

Those are the days that I go to SportFit.

SportFit is a program at The Sportsplex in town. I'd seen tons of people wearing SportFit jerseys and T-Shirts at the various races I run in, and they seem to do well - so it might just help me in my endeavors to hold back the passage of time. It's got a fairly harsh rep - when looking into it, I had heard lots of "It's hardcore." and "You'll be sore, it's too tough." - but I decided to bite the bullet and attend a class, just to see if I could cut it.

I love it.

The class starts out with an aerobic-type stretching session- we're kinda dancing to music, and just getting warmed up. (The whole class is set to music - it's God awful stuff, but whatever - I'm not there to hone my musical tastes.) after about 10 minutes of this, the The Run begins.

The Run is my favorite part of class. (Go figure.) The first couple of classes, I held back, just pacing in the middle of the pack, moving along with the group. Eventually, I realized that it's too slow back there and moved up to the front of the line where the pace picks up and you leave the stragglers in the dust. We usually average at least 4 miles in our 30 minutes of running.

After The Run, we immediately go back into the stretching, dancing thing for about another 10 minutes, and then get down to floor work.

Floor work varies from night to night - sometimes it's more abs-focused, sometimes, more legs. Tonight we did it all - upper-body, (push ups for ages) abs, and legs. By the end of that, I'm usually quivering in whatever body-part we've just finished pummeling. And then we do Yoga.

Now, the Yoga we do at SportFit isn't hardcore guru-style Yoga. Hell, the only reason I know it's Yoga at all is because I recognize some of the poses from Wii Fit. (Really, not kidding.) Stuff like Downward Dog, Tree and Warrior poses are mixed with stretches for hamstrings, calves, and core. It's right behind The Run as my favorite part just 'cause after it's done you feel so good. (Or maybe it's because class is over after that, so it could be either.)

I've been going twice a week for over a month now, and I really dig it - it's helped me pick up the pace on my short runs, and it's just nice to be around a bunch of people (there's about 40 in the class) who are interested and like doing the same things as me. (SportFit also has a Pub Night at The Willows every Thurs after class, but I haven't gone to that ...yet.)

I'm going to keep going - eventually I'll be able to put my head on my knees with straight legs... (Why I want to do that, I have no idea.. but a goal's a goal, right?) Wish me luck.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super - Duper.

I have no idea where I found this or who made it - all I know is that I laughed my ass off.

And not to cast doubt on Spidey's abilites, but shouldn't he have prevented Abel's murder, or Jesus's crucifixion? I guess not, since he couldn't even save Uncle Ben. (Ooh - low blow!)


Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Fear No Scale.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day.

Yes, boys and girls - I've signed up for yet another weigh-loss/ fitness contest at my gym.

Call me crazy, stupid, or insane, but I think I can do well in this one too. (Brief History Lesson: Won the first one I ever went in - lost 42 ponds - Won body fat% lost in 2nd contest - 5.2%)

So Why not try again?

It coincides nicely with my plans for this time of year:
  • Training for the Vancouver Marathon.
  • Running in the Merville 15K & Comox Half again.
  • Keeping my svelte figure. Hahaha
It's not that I have a ton of weight to lose - I know I'm probably going to drop 10 pounds just between now and May with the training, but I also want to work more on my legs and core than I did for the last run - which should help me close the gap and get closer to qualifying for Boston. (Every runner's wet dream)

I find that being involved in something like a simple contest keeps me on-track (Nutritionally wise) for the duration of the training. (Point in fact: So dying for a Peanut Butter Sandwich or two right now..but I'm being strong..)

Having my name and progress posted on a public board where people I know can see and check out really helps. If I don't make progress, everyone in the gym will bug the shit out of me.

I might even post some of my stats here, just for the hell of it - hey, at least I'd be blogging something, right?

I'd say wish me luck - but I think I'm going to be okay on this one... at least for the first week.


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

T.V. Gold.

As a child of the 80's, I would have watched the fuck out of this if it was a weekly T.V Show.

How sweet is that?


Stay of Execution.

Considering that since Christmas, the kids have been playing Lego Batman and Lego Indiana Jones non-stop, just the sight if this comic made me laugh my ass off.

This guy's stuff is hilarious - check it out.


Friday, January 01, 2010


Okay 2010, here's what I'm hoping to do this year:
  • Blog more - going a month between posts kinda defeats the purpose, don'tcha think?
  • Run more - I have 2 Marathons planned this year, May and October - training starts tomorrow, so this one will be easy to keep.
  • Save - I don't know for what, but you have to save for something.
  • Read Better - rather than re-reading my bookshelf over and over, I'd like to branch out into some newer territories.
Short, sweet, and to the point.

Kinda describes me, right?