Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Power of Faith.

Whenever I go to the gym at a time other than my usual there's one thing I've noticed that always surprises me.

The 700 Club is on.

Now, most of the TVs in the gym are usually focused on one of two things: the News or Sports.

That's why it's such a shock to see one to the channels tuned into a religious program. It's hard to imagine one of the people that I work out with (around, actually) to be getting their Jesus fix on in between reps. (I think one of us would change the channel, but we're all secretly worried the it's the guy benching 285 who's eyeballing the program.) The private aspect of religion seems to clash with the openness of flexin' your glutes at the gym.

Shows what I know - just watch, Jesus will come back, and I betcha he's ripped.


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