Sunday, October 17, 2010


I failed my legs.

For the first time ever, I failed to PB (Personal Best) in the last two races I was in - The Victoria Half Marathon, and the Miracle Beach 10K. The fact that I placed well in both (429th out of 6800 and 27th out of 150+) is a small comfort - but basically I let myself down.

It's all a matter of training, really - I wasn't putting in the distance and staying focused like I did last year and earlier this year - I let my diet and the gym slide, and it shows. I was just tired of the same routine, and lost it on the follow through.

But that's enough - it's stopping now.

I'm rededicating myself, changing the routine, (can you believe running less?) and knocking the honey cruller out of my hand. I have a goal to CRUSH my Half Marathon PB at the Comox Valley half in March - that gives me plenty of time. (As for the running less part - don't think my Twitter feed will go silent - it'll still be minimum 3 times a week.)

Part of that re-dedication will come from this blog too- it was always something that helped, in running and life, and I would really like to get back to it. I'll try not to make it all about running, but if your tired of hearing me talk about my shoes, you might want to delete me from your bookmarks...

(On a side note, just occurred to me -I'm going to have to change my blog title soon - from "Thirty-something Man" to "Holy Shit, I'm Forty." - but that's 2 years away, so I can hold off on that..)


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