Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stairway to...

There are 23 steps on the stairs at work.

On days when I'm the only senior (in experiance, not age) manager here, it means that I run up and down those stairs about 15-25 times, just in the general day to day stuff.

On days like today, however, I run up and down about 30-45 times.

For some reason everything I needed today was at the top of those stairs.

Any job or task I needed to do? Top of stairs.
If someone needed something? Top of stairs.
Lunch Room? Top of stairs.
Gotta pee? Top of stairs.

You get the idea.

So lets just say that after the workout this morning, the usual lifting and stuff that I do anyway, and all the running up and down the stairs I did today, my legs fucking HATE me.

Too bad they don't know about the run I'm going to do tomorrow...hahaha.


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