Thursday, May 27, 2010

Right Now...

  1. I'm in love/ addicted to Peanut Butter. My craving each morning for peanut butter on whole wheat toast is something that cannot be denied. Oh, you may try to tempt me with Almond or Cashew butter, but be ready for disappointment.
  2. I'm typing on my laptop, drinking coffee, and updating my blog. The fact that I'm at home instead of Starbucks is the only thing preventing me from looking like a nerdy douchebag.
  3. I'm listening to the Kings of Leon - which I know always makes the Sidekick happy - but it's their last "most commercial" album, so I know inside he's dying just a little.
  4. I'm looking at the sunshine and wanting to go for a run - does it matter that I ran this morning? Not to me.
  5. I'm debating (internally of course, I'd look the fool debating all by myself) on what to spend some Birthday monies on.
  6. I'm realizing that nobody wins in an internal debate.
  7. I believe that BP has taken over the mantle of Most Evil Company on Earth - and is ahead in the running for Most Incompetent as well.
  8. I'd like to change my nametag at work to read "Most Evil Dairy Manager" - I'm sure I'd have to deal with less customers that way.

...but that's just how I feel right now.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

38 and Change

Today is my 38th Birthday.

To tell you the truth, it feels just the same as the day before, and the one before that. The only thing that amazes me about it is that I don't feel 38. Hell, mentally, I'm surprised if I'd rate anywhere over 18.

When I was younger I always looked at people near or over 40 as responsible, serious, and...old. As I creep up on that age myself, I find it's just the opposite - I'm serious, all right, but I'll still do shots in the cab of a truck or dance until I can't stand anymore. I relate well with people who are both 10 years older and 10 years younger than me. (Maybe that's just my sunny disposition, but who knows?)

So when does this "old" age hit?
Not for a long fucking time, if I can help it.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sometimes I don't feel like I have much to say about what's going on around me - okay, maybe not that I don't have anything to say, but that I just don't have the words to express what I think of it all- not like I used to.. I find that lately I take more pride in the things that I do than in the things that I think.

I find that I'd rather talk about how I crossed the 2000 mile marker with my Nike+, or how well I did against a kid who's twenty years younger than me, than to talk about what I think of some random encounter with some weirdo at work.

Is that a good thing? Maybe - maybe not.

This place was sure a lot more entertaining when there was more of the former than the later..


Monday, May 03, 2010

Race Report, Part 2

Little bit more info on my Half, and then I swear I'll stop talking about it..

  • My official time is 1:33:48.
  • I placed 174th out of 6561.
  • I placed 30th in my age group.
  • I was the 153rd Male to cross the line - there are some fast women out there!
Surprisingly, I was faster on the last half of the run than I was on the first - I guess when I stopped thinking about where I was and just ran, I picked up speed. (Helps that after that motherfucking hill, gravity kicked in.)

I can't stress how nice the run was - I'm already thinking of doing this again next year, and maybe just keeping it as a Half always, and avoid the shitty winter Marathon training.

And maybe, if I give him enough warning and harp on him to drag his ass out and run - the Sidekick and I can run it together next year... (Not togethertogether, we're not like that - but run at the same time. I'd cruise over the finish line and then rest for a half hour or so until he caught up..)

Thanks Vancouver - I had a blast.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Race Report.

Today I finished the Vancover Half Marathon, and set a new personal best time: 1:33:50!

(I'll admit - pretty stoked..)

It was a great run - going through downtown Vancouver was spectacular, and Stanley Park was incredible...except for Prospect Point - which kicked my ass HARD. (Honestly, after that hill, I had resigned myself to a 1:40:ish time - you can imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner towards the finish line...)

As hard as the race was physically, I did have one emotional moment: We ran by the beaches along False Creek, and the last time I was there was when I went to see my Brother's name on the Vancouver Aids Memorial - I know Sonny would have been impressed. (He also would have called me an idiot for wearing shorts and running in the rain, but still..)

So now I'm going to take my tired legs and have a night out with the Sidekick - my feet took a pounding today, so why not my liver tonight?