Sunday, May 02, 2010

Race Report.

Today I finished the Vancover Half Marathon, and set a new personal best time: 1:33:50!

(I'll admit - pretty stoked..)

It was a great run - going through downtown Vancouver was spectacular, and Stanley Park was incredible...except for Prospect Point - which kicked my ass HARD. (Honestly, after that hill, I had resigned myself to a 1:40:ish time - you can imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner towards the finish line...)

As hard as the race was physically, I did have one emotional moment: We ran by the beaches along False Creek, and the last time I was there was when I went to see my Brother's name on the Vancouver Aids Memorial - I know Sonny would have been impressed. (He also would have called me an idiot for wearing shorts and running in the rain, but still..)

So now I'm going to take my tired legs and have a night out with the Sidekick - my feet took a pounding today, so why not my liver tonight?


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