Monday, May 03, 2010

Race Report, Part 2

Little bit more info on my Half, and then I swear I'll stop talking about it..

  • My official time is 1:33:48.
  • I placed 174th out of 6561.
  • I placed 30th in my age group.
  • I was the 153rd Male to cross the line - there are some fast women out there!
Surprisingly, I was faster on the last half of the run than I was on the first - I guess when I stopped thinking about where I was and just ran, I picked up speed. (Helps that after that motherfucking hill, gravity kicked in.)

I can't stress how nice the run was - I'm already thinking of doing this again next year, and maybe just keeping it as a Half always, and avoid the shitty winter Marathon training.

And maybe, if I give him enough warning and harp on him to drag his ass out and run - the Sidekick and I can run it together next year... (Not togethertogether, we're not like that - but run at the same time. I'd cruise over the finish line and then rest for a half hour or so until he caught up..)

Thanks Vancouver - I had a blast.


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