Thursday, June 10, 2010


Got the most retarded phone call today, on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I pick up the phone, and immediately the guy launches into his spiel about the threat of an election in the fall, and that the Party now needs funds to get ready to fight the opposition.

(Why does the Conservative Party call me, you ask? Maybe I voted for them last time around - maybe because I didn't vote at all - or maybe I'm a middle-aged White Guy who's reported income falls in the right bracket...)

He tells me that if I just donate $200, I can get a $150 tax credit for my 2010 income taxes. ($200? Is he fucking nuts?) I politely told him that it's not fiscally possible for us to donate, and thanked him for his call.

Like a dog with a chew toy, he just wouldn't let go. He reminded me that I'd get 75% of my donation back when my taxes were done. At this point, I veered off into the realm of fabrication, and told him that I had recently lost my job, was on E.I., and times were tight trying to support the family.

This is when it got retarded.

He then tells me that they take credit cards, and that I could charge my donation, and potentially pay it back when I got my refund. (What kind of crack does this guy smoke before he logs in at the call centre?)

So just to get this straight - I tell him I'm unemployed, times are tight ,struggling to keep head above water, etc, and he advises me to go deeper in debt for a political donation. Sounds fucked? That's what I thought too.

I think that a huge part of the Government's problem, and those who work for them - is that they've lost touch with the opinions and efforts of average Canadians. Show me a Canadian who will go deeper in debt to fiance any political Party, and I'll show you one who deserves to be slapped upside the head with a shovel.