Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Feel:

  • That once my legs adjust to all the punishment of squats and lunges, that I will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • That the new KOL album, while not their best effort - has grown on me, and I find it hard to step away from it.
  • That the minute the new Foo Fighters album comes out, the previous statement will become null and void.
  • That the fact that I use words like "album" makes me seem like I'm some ancient fossil.
  • That it took me 5 minutes to fix my keyboard (having inadvertently switched it to French) and that makes me feel like a failure as a geek.
  • That having just one day off is both a relief and a tease.
  • That having finished Lamb by Christopher Moore makes me crave more funny, insightful literature.
  • That just when I think Dave Grohl couldn't get any cooler - I see this.
  • That even though I love Shaun of The Dead, Zombieland, and The Walking Dead, enough with the Zombies already - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Really?
  • That if the River City ever got a Booster Juice, I'd be broke.
  • That I want a Samsung Galaxy S sooo bad. Not that I'd turn down an iPhone...
  • That I think I've exposed more geekiness in one post than I have in years on the Internet.



  1. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Samsung really shot themselves in the foot with the Galaxy line. They just disconnected it from the larger marketplace, and the plan is you can only grab apps from the Samsung marketplace, with all the price markup, access problems, slow updates and single-vendor lock-in you fear.

    One of has been leveraging his near-OCD powers to research an up-coming phone buy too. You'd be surprised what the front-runner is.

  2. Does it have the letter "i" prefaceing it, or am I way off base? The only other phone I've been hearing lots about is the HTC Evo, and I haven't looked at it much..