Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Fear No Scale.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day.

Yes, boys and girls - I've signed up for yet another weigh-loss/ fitness contest at my gym.

Call me crazy, stupid, or insane, but I think I can do well in this one too. (Brief History Lesson: Won the first one I ever went in - lost 42 ponds - Won body fat% lost in 2nd contest - 5.2%)

So Why not try again?

It coincides nicely with my plans for this time of year:
  • Training for the Vancouver Marathon.
  • Running in the Merville 15K & Comox Half again.
  • Keeping my svelte figure. Hahaha
It's not that I have a ton of weight to lose - I know I'm probably going to drop 10 pounds just between now and May with the training, but I also want to work more on my legs and core than I did for the last run - which should help me close the gap and get closer to qualifying for Boston. (Every runner's wet dream)

I find that being involved in something like a simple contest keeps me on-track (Nutritionally wise) for the duration of the training. (Point in fact: So dying for a Peanut Butter Sandwich or two right now..but I'm being strong..)

Having my name and progress posted on a public board where people I know can see and check out really helps. If I don't make progress, everyone in the gym will bug the shit out of me.

I might even post some of my stats here, just for the hell of it - hey, at least I'd be blogging something, right?

I'd say wish me luck - but I think I'm going to be okay on this one... at least for the first week.


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  1. Anonymous10:26 pm

    reading about how far and long you run for is not very fun. what happened to writing for the world wide web?