Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Feel...

  1. That with only two days left until I go to Van, I can't fucking wait.
  2. That starting a new workout regime the day before I have to do a Long Run is a Very Bad Idea. (Sore Legs!)
  3. That I could wear a Hockey Jersey to work every day and be quite happy.
  4. That True Canadians won't jump off the Team Canada bandwagon quite yet - we're used to disappointment - this is a country that has the Habs and Maple Leafs, remember?
  5. That even though I'm not a huge fan of the States, sometimes we Canadians come off as extremely bitter anytime we go up against the US in any Competition, like a loss to them results in the loss of our National Identity.
  6. That it wasn't until the Olympics were hosted on home soil that most Canadians even realized we have a National Identity.
  7. That there nothing hotter than a woman in a Hockey Jersey. (Unless that's all she's wearing, then"Yowza!")
  8. That it says something about me when I get a patriotic lump in my chest from a Tim Horton's Commercial.
  9. That the moment someone asks if I speak English, or jumps in the back of my car and demands I take them to the Airport, I'll give up tanning.
  10. That's probably a lie - I'd be flattered and offer to show them my tan lines. (Consider yourself lucky I haven't posted them to the blog, I'm that proud..)


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