Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Songs I like that I heard on the radio at work today:

Original Fire- Audioslave.
Barracuda - Heart.
I Can't Say - The Trews.
Some song by The Hip, it was actually good.
Broken Hearted Me - The Trews.
Bridge To Nowhere - Sam Roberts.
Jesse's Girl. - Rick Springfield.
Through Glass - Stone Sour.
Space Between - Dave Matthews.
The Adventure - Angels & Airwaves.
Is It Any Wonder - Keane.
Resolve - Foo Fighters.
Semi Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

Wow. Thirteen songs in an eight hour shift. There were probably more, if you count the ones I forgot to mention or the ones that were playing while I was on lunch. (Why radio when the iPod is available?) That's about a 15% success rate - if you figure they play about ten songs an hour - which is not bad for radio. I hope they keep it up.

Or someones gonna lose an eye.


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