Monday, September 25, 2006

Bizzaro Work.

First day back from the transfer.

If I was going back to what I left, it would have been no problem at all. But since I've been gone there has been almost a 100% turnover in the front end staff,renovations to 95% of the place, a new department has been added, and my department has increased by a factor of five.

And I didn't even get to tackle my area today. I was caught in limbo, working another area while the Number Two guy covered mine. I came close to stabbing people a couple of times.

The amount of people (customers and staff) who came up to me and said they were glad to see I was back was staggering. The fact that some of the customers had thought I was only gone a month or two (ten, actually.) was strange. They must have had me confused with some other charming, chubby guy.

The difficult part of the day wasn't getting used to the new layout or staff, it was mainly getting used to the different attitudes and priorities of the people I was now working with. I was used to everyone being on pretty much the same page. Here it seems like one person has the right idea, but the next guy is off by about 5 degrees. The guy next to him? Out by another 5 degrees, and so on .... Not a problem, really - but eventually you get so that someone out there is way off from what they should be doing.

The sooner I can assert my alpha-male dominance, the better.
These people are also going to have to learn how to laugh and have a good time. If they don't get used to my sense of humor then there is going to be bloodshed. That's only funny if you are the one not bleeding.

We'll see how tomorrow goes.


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