Monday, September 04, 2006

Bad Day.

Had a bad day at work today.

It was a day in which I felt I was like a record player; repeating myself over and over, except I was moving at 45 rpm and the rest of the world was at 33. (Warning! I just made a reference to a record player - many of you will not have had any contact with these in your lifetime. Some of your fancy DJ's will call them "Turntables", but at the end of the day it's just a wheel that spins a vinyl disk. First person to ask what vinyl is gets a pen in the eye.)

I think my two main sources of frustration are ignorance and apathy.
If you don't know - learn. If you don't care - leave. I got no time for you either way.

Thank God there are the little things that make up for the shittyness of the day.

Coffee - If I didn't have coffee someone would die.
A person on the other end of the line to vent to.
Muffins - Coffee's natural partner.
A hug from the Boy when I get home.

After a day like today it is nice to blog and let the stress of the day pour out through the keyboard. So in that sense, all of you have helped me too. (Don't wait for a thank-you, that's as mushy as I get.)

The day is ending, tomorrow is another.

Here's to hoping that one doesn't suck too.


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