Friday, September 15, 2006

Lack of Space.

I'm running out of space.

You know, when I got the iPod just a few short weeks ago , I looked at it and said "Two Gigs? - I'm never going to fill that." You must realize that I was coming from a 512mB player; I thought that I had scads of room.

That was before my well-documented BitTorrent addiction and almost obsessive-compulsive searching for new music. I could fill two Gigs in my sleep now.
I'm already rotating some songs and albums in and out of play, but it's getting tedious. It's to the point now that I have to clear stuff I know I want to hear - just to listen to something new. That's like asking me which testicle I'd like to get rid of so I can try on a pair of socks. (Trust me, it's a fitting analogy.)

Do I need a bigger iPod? Yes.
Can I afford it? No.
Should I trade a red paperclip for one? Can't. It's already been done. (Plus red paperclips are hard to come by, treasure what you've got.)
Maybe I'll sell myself on the street - That'll be good for a buck-fifty.


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