Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I was thinking today....

(Stop right there with the jokes. I do think from time to time.)

In Superman 2, Superman gives up his powers so he can be like Lois and they can have a real relationship. This is either the most romantic or most idiotic thing in the world.

Wasn't almost everything Lois loved about Superman the fact that he was Superman? He is this larger than life icon who happens to be around whenever she decides to fall off The Eiffel Tower or get buried in her car. That's got to be a turn-on for a girl. Why would she want him any other way? You just know that six months after giving up his powers he would have stubbed his toe and she would have been yelling at him not to be such a baby.

Would it have been worth it for him?
First time he got a cold, he would have been thinking "What did I give up those powers for? Sniffles? Headaches? Chronic Diarrhea? I could have dated her with the powers and not have to go through this shit." Well Supes, it's the thought that counts.

Nice Try.

Eventually he had to get his powers back and save the Earth from General Zod, but do you think that he felt bad about it? "Oh, sorry Lois, I can't go back to not having powers, and by the way - let me just kiss you one last time" (The famous amnesia kiss, in case no one remembers.) If you recall, Supes went back to single status after this...

So maybe he's either not that romantic or not that stupid.



  1. oh come on ...i think we all know that it he didn't give up his was just the smoothest pick up line in history. Yeah baby..I gave up my powers for WHAT are yougonna do...Super-playa that's all...

  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    Maybe he's a stupid romantic.

  3. I'm inclinded to agree with the stupid romantic theory. Love makes a man do strange things....