Friday, September 08, 2006

Close Shave.

I enjoy the feel of my face after I shave.

I feel clean, young, and shiny - for lack of a better word.

I still keep the pseudo-goatee I have, if only because the last time I shaved it off, my face felt horrendously cold. But cheeks and neck are completely deforested now.

I shave in the shower, as it saves time and just feels comfortable. Must be the gallons of water all around. Shaving over the sink seems dry and scratchy, and is only done when absolutely necessary. After shave? Sometimes - nothing really smelly though. No point in looking this good if you are going to emanate the odor of a Froot Loop. (Even though my spellchecker hates it - that is the correct spelling.)

As much of a pain in the ass as shaving can be, it's something you have to keep up on. The only guy who looks good with three days stubble is Indiana Jones, and I left my bullwhip and fedora in the other washroom.


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