Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Farewell Tour.

I'm being transferred again.

Back to the old digs, which is now the new, shiny, fully updated digs.
When I posted this, I was hesitant about leaving my comfort zone and going somewhere different. Now I'm doing the same thing all over again.

I really enjoy where I am now.
The people are great and I'm doing well - no complaints about my performance or anything. But once again I think that my abilities are being hyped, as I believe they expect me to do wonders with staff morale where I'm going. It's almost the same thing as when I went to this location, and I seemed to pull that off nicely, so who knows.

The pros are that I'll be closer to home, able to walk to work (iPod at the ready of course,) and able to go to the gym on my lunch hour again. That will be great.

The cons? I'd rather not get into all of them, as nobody but me really cares anyway, but the fact is I'll be leaving a place where I'm known by all and going to a place where I'm only known to a few. Getting new people accustomed to my way of thinking is always tricky business. Plus the lunchroom where I am now has a couch, and where I'm going has no couch. If I could take the couch with me, it would ease the pain just a smidgen.

So I have three more days of work left - my last day is Saturday - and then I go on holidays for a bit. When I get back, I'm in the new location. I'm glad that I have the holiday "buffer" - I think going from one place to the other would be a little bit too much culture shock for me.

Wish me luck, I think I'll need it....


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