Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lost & Found.

I lost my work keys today.

Who cares, you say?
I do.
Not only are having the keys a requirement to do my job, but the keys are a symbol of the power that I wield at work. A visible item that people can look at and recognize. Me without my keys is like Superman without his cape or Darth Vader with out his lightsaber.

I felt naked for most of the day.

Forget naked - I felt impotent and emasculated. Useless. I might as well just skipped out on work for the day. Oh sure, I'd get called to perform some task or approve a function, and then be disregarded because I was key-less. It was like I was a common employee. (No insult intended to any common employees out there.) It drove me nuts.

Thankfully by the end of the day, the keys were located at home. It's strange - I put my keys in only two places. I'm very obsessive about that. If they are not in one place, they are in the other. For them to be in a completely different spot, in a jacket that isn't mine, just seems odd.

And now I have them back - and all shall tremble before me and my mighty keys.
Together, my keys and I will rule the Galaxy.

But now I can look back and laugh at it all.
Maybe I'll look fondly on this event.
Maybe I'll have learned something from it all.


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