Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vicious Circle.

I've got to stop repeating myself.

I was all fired up to write a post bitching about something, (it's not important now) and start to type away. The words pour onto the keyboard at a speed only surpassed when I'm writing about porn and then, mid-sentence, I stop.

"I've wrote this before", I thought.

Sure enough, I check back over my posts, (359!) and you bet, I've bitched about this exact topic before. I had to delete what I had. I can't force you, fine readers, to read re-hashed material. You come here for fresh, crisp ideas and sparkling commentary, and to serve you warmed-over opinions is just not going to happen.

I've got standards, dammit.

So let this tide you over for a bit.
This guy is way funnier than me, and I bow to his greatness.


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