Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fingers & Toes.

Look at your hands.

Do you like them?

I'm pretty ambivalent towards mine.
It's not that I don't find them useful; typing stuff out each night would be tough if they were not there. (Can you imagine typing with your wrists? Jkkjl dibdsd - that's what it would look like.) It's just that I don't find anything interesting about them.

I was told once I had hands like a girl.
(This by a person who was in the hand-industry, so it's even twice as damning.) I was slightly offended at the time, but now I really don't care. Does that mean I have fine, delicate fingers? (Oh yeah, baby, you should see the things these fingers can do..) I'll try to take it as a compliment. Who wants ugly hands? Or fat hands that can only hold fried chicken?

I'm more impressed with my feet. They are perfectly proportioned, no odd toes or weird angles, and everything lines up like it should. I look great in a pair of socks. I have no interest in other peoples feet, so don't even go there with those type of thoughts.

The thing that I find most fascinating is that they carry my weight. That's good enough for me.

So next time you are washing your hands, or look down in the shower, (Not at that. Lower. On the floor.) take the time to look at your appendages. Inspect them. Scrutinize them. Judge them.

Tell me what you see.


1 comment:

  1. I have a genetic defect, and that is elephantitis of the big toe. I mean, it's the captain of the toes, so it's gotta be pretty big, but mine, seriously: it is the brute squad. It's Andre the Giant of toes.

    And yeah, I kinda walk funny, since the buggers can support my entire body weight (forget the term), and maybe I tear the hell outta shoes or get some that fit funny because (think about it) everything else is outta place if I fit 'em for the toes.

    Would I change 'em? Nah. It's me, and even if my feet aren't perfect, it's not like I can just go get 'em bucked off at the 'proper' length. I'll live with 'em. If you guys can live with my mental defects, I think I can live with toes on the long side.

    'Least I don't have girly hands.

    WV: pniawx, which says I wasn't just /looking/ at my foot.