Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cooked Bread.

I'm a huge fan of toast.

Bread's okay - it's good for feeding to pigeons and making french onion soup, but it takes on an extra zest when exposed to heat. Notice I didn't say that bread was good for sandwiches - it is, but any sandwich can be made instantly better by being on toast. (Or toasted after, whatever works.)

People can be picky with the topping they put on their toast; some people I know get offended if you suggest anything but butter. (Boring.)
Jams, jellies, spreads. There are whole aisles of your local grocery store devoted to toast. I'm not entirely picky, as I like to vary the toppings from time to time. I just realized I've never tried cream cheese on toast, I've always left it for bagels.

Now I'll have something else to try tomorrow.

What bread to I prefer to subject to heat and transform into heavenly, yet decadent toast?

I used to be a whole wheat fan, but now I change it up and go with the whole grain breads. Something about crunching into your toast and watching a whole seed shoot out is extremely satisfying.
When in a restaurant, I order sourdough bread about 98% of the time. I say 98% just because sometimes they don't have it, and sometimes I just forget. Toasted sourdough with jam or even just butter is divine. (Yes I said divine. Straight guys can use that word too, you know.)

Don't be afraid of toast.
It can be breakfast, a snack, accompanying a meal, or the meal itself.
Love Toast. Appreciate Toast. Embrace Toast.
Just not right after it pops up - it's hot then.



  1. The best French Toast is made with whole wheat bread, of course.

    See, I like my toast too; I just like cooked eggs around it and syrop on top.

    Mmmmmm, Denny's.

    WV tried to trick me into thinking it was 'uezlfzl' who lost his head in Highlander's first scene. I know better.

  2. Well now...first off I gotta agree with you on the toast..yeah Toast!!

    Second of all I like the new digs. It's kinda like when a soda company orfast food chain changes their packagaing. Looks good on the outside...same old crap on the inside..hahaha..I d