Friday, September 29, 2006

Words of Wonder.

"Sweet Christmas!"

Yep, that's my catchphrase.

I'll admit that I've let it go out of use a little bit now and then, but lately it seems to be coming back with a vengeance. (Especially when I play poker and lose after going all-in.)

Why Sweet Christmas? Well first of all I wanted to be different from what everyone else was saying. I needed to have something that worked for all occasions and tones, and yet had an inside-joke quality about it. (Only comic savvy geeks get the reference.)

So I ripped off the colorful catchphrase of our Favorite 70's Super Hero - Luke Cage, otherwise known as Powerman.

(Side Note: During my Restaurant Management days, I used to use the term "Uglier than my sister" when describing a particularly dirty area, but stopped when she actually started working at the same location.)

Why would a chunky white guy steal the words from a fictional black man? Because I could, that's why. And it's worked out great so far. I normally use it when I'm surprised or startled, but it can work just as well to describe shock and awe. It's a multipurpose term, and a lot can be conveyed just by intonation.

I'd love to see it on a T-Shirt, maybe with "Show me your Power Move" on the back. (Too Geeky? Ya think?) I bet Marvel Comics would sue my ass.

I'd sure say "Sweet Christmas!" when I opened the court documents for that.

So what's your catchphrase?
"Awesome Possum", "Dope-a-lope", "Okilly-Dokilly"?

I got ya all beat.



  1. Anonymous12:26 am

    "I know"

  2. Anonymous4:53 pm

    "My Fucking Christ."

    Kinda guaranteed to mildly shock and offend almost anyone over the age of 12. Way better than the guy above who apparently says "I know" as a curse (why else mark the phrase with quotes?).

    Since Christ had three kids, though - Tamara, James and Jesus Justus - it's not really a curse. Even the essenes got to get it on ... once every 6 years. (very vulcan, something also on-topic considering the Green Lantern had a vulcan buddy and half of vulcan lore was taken from a derivative of essenic culture)

    Also, since you mentioned the whole super-hero thing, I got to mention the retconning of the purity of the prince made prophet. Ver-ry comicbook.