Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oral Upgrade.

Got a new Toothbrush today.

The old one was starting to get a little worn and ratty. The bristles were soft and it just wasn't cutting it anymore.

I think the change is overdue - at least my gums do, anyway.

Breaking in a new toothbrush is a very arduous process. It felt like I was scraping my teeth with a Brillo pad and rock salt. Not even the Vanilla-mintyness of my toothpaste could turn that experience pleasant. But I know in time I will come to appreciate this new brush as much as I did my old one.

I retired Old Softy to the garbage can, so he can join his brothers and sisters in the landfill. Soon some rat will have the whitest teeth in the dump.

Ah, the circle of life continues.


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  1. Having gone through far too many dental repair procedures - much of it replaced, unnecessary and usually both, considering how fly-by-night the operation was - I am very cautious about new toothbrushes.

    I overlap the use by a week or 3, actally. Eases the transition period.