Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good News, Everyone!

My favorite T.V, show is coming back!

(What, a guy can't watch cartoons? It's better than watching some crap like Saved by the Bell. A real man wouldn't be caught dead watching that.)

Futurama was a show ahead of its time. It worked on so many levels. It had blatantly funny gross-out humor, but also had subtle political and social humor, and was presented in a very slick package. I'll never understand why this show was cancelled and they've allowed the Simpsons to just carry on endlessly. (I will give recognition to the Simpsons, though. If it wasn't for that show, the would never have been a Futurama.)

I own all four of the seasons on DVD and trust me, they are watched often.

I'm glad that thanks to DVD, shows like Futurama and Family Guy get a second chance, and that those of us without direct access to a Nielsen box can eventually have a effect on the networks who produced these these shows. (Notice how when you fight with your wallet you almost always win?)

Comedy Central will begin airing new episodes in 2008. I'm not sure if the Canadian version of Comedy Central will carry it as well, but I don't care, At least it gives me until 2008 to get a satellite dish that will carry it, and a kick-ass huge flat screen T.V. to watch all of the 30th century goodness unfold.

If anyone complains, they can kiss my shiny metal ass.


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