Wednesday, October 04, 2006


What's the best money making idea you've ever had?

Back when I was a smoker, I thought that one of the greatest things ever would be a gyroscopic, rust-proof, odor-free ashtray that would clip to your golf cart or bag. (This is back when I used to golf lots, which is another nasty habit I've sort of given up.)

That's been it so far. I've yet to come up with anything better.

I think that trying to come up with something that will revolutionize the marketplace is a pretty daunting task. That's why it's probably better to focus on the little things first. If I take care of the smoking golfers now, that's one less demographic I have to worry about on my quest for world domination.

Ideas don't have to be big. I'm pretty sure the guy that invented Post-it notes, either couldn't find tape, or had a fear of thumbtacks. It's either that or he's a glue sniffer that made it to the big time.

God I envy him.



  1. Anonymous9:48 pm

    The guy who invented post-it notes was a pious Christian looking for a better way to note certain pages in his Bible. Are you that righteous? Hmmm?

  2. Hell yeah.

    I'm a fucking Saint.

  3. Anonymous12:06 am

    Yeah. I'm gonna invent ALL that, just to mark pages in a storybook. If I believed that, I may just become a christian: I'd be ripe for the fishers (trivia: no, they really did simulate fishing, nets and all, when they were recruiting. bizarre). There is no end of stories about the Roman state religion, and they're all funny.

    Me, I have a few inventions, and I've had a few before. I like it when other companies end up inventing ideas I may have had a few years or days before (not like I own them or care /that/ much) because it's validating to think that really smart people thought the way I did.