Saturday, October 21, 2006

Change of Tune.

I find that I'm in the middle of a musical self-revolution.

My musical tastes, which have always been pretty standard, are starting to change, and I'm becoming slightly more picky about what I like and I don't like.

I still appreciate other music, and can understand what others might find interesting about those styles. But you won't find any of them on my iPod.
(Don't worry, I haven't converted to Country - that will never happen.)

I've started to appreciate the "acoustic" side of things, and find myself leaning in that direction more and more. I really enjoy artists like John Mayer and Jack Johnson, but I also like other less heard of artists like Bernard Fanning, Dallas Green or Amos Lee. ( I highly recommend all of them.) The acoustic side of the Foo Fighter's In Your Honor is musical gold.

It doesn't mean I've gone soft, though. I still enjoy a harder style sound, like Audioslave or Arctic Monkeys, but I find that the lyrics have to be there for me to really enjoy it.

I think that is my problem with most Hip-Hop and Rap music that I hear - I'm just tired of listening to how much money and bling and all the bitches they have. (Don't worry Brian - I still enjoy the Rap stylings at the Brothers Bar and Casino.) I know I'm generalizing when I say that, but there is so much crap out there that I don't have time to sift through it all and find the gems.

For now I just stick with what I know and let my eardrums decide.
(Considering I just talked about how bad my hearing is, you think I'd be foolish to let them decide anything.)
But so far it's working out great.


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