Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Feel...

  1. That it's a good thing the guy who invented Football had pigs available. It would feel funny to go out and "Toss the catskin around".
  2. That the more I walk to work , the more I despise crosswalks. I'm a fat guy - how the hell can you not see me standing there?
  3. That a serious case of Pedestrian Rage has not surfaced in the major media. Yet. (Keep watching the papers though.)
  4. That Adam Sandler movies are becoming less about the funny-funny and more about the money-money. (Have you seen Click? What kind of comedy is that?)
  5. That Blogger's spellchecker still sucks - even if you move to Beta, it's like having a Special Olympian cross-checking your work.
  6. That as long as Google's purchase of You Tube doesn't fuck up my Chad Vader fix, I don't care who owns the company.
  7. That even though I'm not superstitious, I'm always a bit wary on Friday the Thirteenth. You know, because of all the other superstitious people. Maybe I'll just stay in bed that day. I'll still be available for Poker, though.
  8. That learning how to say "I bow before our Nuclear Overlords." in Korean might be a good idea right about now.
  9. That I've hit the point where my brain has started to run out of ideas.
  10. See?


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