Friday, October 06, 2006


Do you know any Asshats?

I swear that this town has the largest per-capita ratio of Asshats in North America. It's not that people around here go out of their way to be Asshats, I think that it's something in the water that affects them. (Thanks Brita, for helping me dodge that bullet.)

It doesn't matter where I go, or what day or time it is, I can guarantee that I'll run into some ignorant prick with his head buried so far up his ass that they use their colon as a tie clip. Most of the men in this town walk around like they have something to prove. They seem to be about two steps away from a hate crime.

I don't think the women around here help out much either. They seem to think that "Bimbo" is a status symbol that should be attained at all costs. Unfortunately, achieving even that status seems beyond the reach of the average girl in this town.

This can't be the worst place going for Asshats. There must be a place out there with even more Asshats.. (You can't count the Internet. That's the breeding ground for Ashattery.)

How does it change? What can we do to affect change in our community? Is it even worthwhile to try? I could hope that all the Asshats will eventually cancel each other out, but I know that's not going to happen anytime soon.

Until then, I'll just bide my time until the revolution begins.
And make sure the filter on my Brita is up to date.


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