Monday, October 09, 2006

Seventh Heaven.

As a guy who likes his hockey and likes his video games, it's been an great weekend.

To start things off my favorite hockey team, The Colorado Avalanche, defeated the Vancouver Canucks last night and I got to enjoy it all while eating Turkey.

As if that wasn't enough, I come home today to find NHL 07 sitting on the counter. I've been looking for this game since it came out, and it's been sold out everywhere. I've only been able to see it in action at the McQuarrie Brothers - and when I'm there I am more concerned with poker than hockey.

So why am I posting so late?

Because I had to play a couple of games, set up my Dynasty, create a player and just get things the way I like it. So far the game looks really good, and the new controls aren't too bad. I find that in the heat of the game I revert back to the controls I'm used to, but I know that that will only plague me for a little bit. Otherwise everything about it is flawless.

My quest for The Stanley Cup (Digital Version) begins tonight.


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