Monday, October 23, 2006

Fortune Cookie.

There it sits - The Fortune Cookie.

How they are able to cram enlightened wisdom and the knowledge of my future into a small, folded cookie will always remain a mystery to me.

A Fortune Cookie holds more than just a piece of paper with quaint words and lucky numbers; it holds optimism. You never see a shitty fortune in the cookie. It's always about different things or new horizons.

I'd almost like to be the guy who writes the bad fortune.
How much would it suck to open your cookie after a satisfying meal of Chow-mien and Chop Suey, only to find it says "You'll lose your job tomorrow." or "Your wife is sleeping with the pool boy."
Bet ya that settles the stomach, eh?

I hope that when I crack open it's crunchy outer shell the answers to life fall out.
Or at least the Lotto numbers.


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