Saturday, December 23, 2006

There Are No Stupid Questions...

Oh, wait...

There's TONS of stupid questions, and I got asked most of them today.

I don't mind answering someones question if it's something that they don't actually know or are confused about. But it drives me batshit crazy when I'm answering peoples retarded questions just because they are to lazy to look or to stupid to see the painfully obvious.

While I'm telling you the knowledge that you need to know, Is it too much to ask that you appear to be absorbing at least some of what I'm saying? That vacant look that you assumed right after asking me you question doesn't instill me with confidence that you are understanding what I'm communicating.

And if I do answer your question, at least have the common courtesy to say thank you. I'm not asking for much. I don't want you to drop to your knees and blow me, I just want a thank you - or at least tell me that you understood what I was explaining to you. Turning around and walking away after I've given you directions to something doesn't warm my heart as much as you may think. (Oh the Shock!)

The biggest possible insult that you can give me? Right after I tell you something, I hear you ask the same question to someone else. If what I told you wasn't clear enough, say so. You're welcome to go get a second answer, but I know that they are going to tell you the same shit that I just told you. If you didn't hear what you wanted, let me know. But going and asking someone else? That just makes you look like an idiot and makes me look like a horrible communicator. (There is no way I'm a horrible communicator lady, I have a Blog on the Internet - that's nothing but communication!)

I know that tomorrow will be another day full of inane queries.
But I think I'm ready. I'm going to try and convince people I'm a deaf/mute and hope they all just go away.


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