Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mobile Madness

I like my cell phone.

I thought I'd get that out front, before I go off and rant about the things that piss me off about cell phones. (There are a couple - I thought I'd share them with you.) I just don't want anyone to accuse me of being a hater and start screaming "Luddite!"
  1. I know it's been addressed so many times, but do people really believe that by talking loudly throughout their whole conversation it must improve the signal reception? There's no expectation of privacy when I can hear you talk about your day from 30 feet away. (I'm sure your Mom's goiter will clear right up.)
  2. I think I've said it before, but I believe that cell phones have robbed 50% of the population of their ability to make any decision. If they come up against something they are not sure of, they just phone the other 50% and have them make the choice. I've personally witnessed someone call another person 3 times in the course of 15 minutes to decide what to have for dinner. Thank God it's not a life or death situation.
  3. Ringtones. - Forget first impressions. You can have a stellar first impression with someone, but the minute they hear your "Tickle Me Elmo" ring tone, you are back to being a freak. People seem to look at a ring tone as another way of expressing themselves. Let me tell you - if your ring tone is "My Humps" - You're a slut.
That's it. That's what frustrates me about cell phones right now. Forget dropped calls and roaming charges, I'm pissed about all the retards out there that have access to cell phones.

Until the cancer eats away their brains, there is nothing I can do.


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