Monday, December 11, 2006

Loud And Clear.

At work we use an intercom/page system.

It's handy to have is such a large area, and it's used for all types of reasons: notification of phone calls, calling for assistance, or looking for someone.

There is one girl who I work with who seems to use the intercom way more than anyone else.

She'll call for the slightest reason. She'll call looking for you if you are 3 feet from her. She'll call for other people, preempting their use of the system. It's like she figures she's the only one who can use the damn thing.

The main problem is that her voice sounds similar to two rabid cats fighting in a tin box. It's not a pleasant sound, it's a screeching caterwaul that wounds the eardrums and pieces to the depths of your soul. The minute I hear the first few syllables come out I want to rupture my eardrums with a pen, just for a moment of sweet silence.

I don't think she knows how all of us hate it when she uses the intercom. I've tried to tell her to tone it down a bit, and not to use it all the fucking time, but I just don't think she understands. I think I'll have to say something really mean just to get her attention, after which she'll call my boss - using the intercom.
(It's a no-win situation.)

I'm hoping that she will eventually learn to ease up; but until then I'll just stick with letting the homeless guys lick her coffee cup. (That will give her laryngitis, right?)

I'm willing to try anything.


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