Wednesday, December 06, 2006


As I mentioned before, I won a new cell phone at the Staff Party.

(Once again, Yay for me!)

I've switched my service over and it's all good. That seemed to be the easiest part of the job. The biggest pain in the ass is reprogramming all the numbers and shit that I have for everyone.

(Oh I wish that it was like the iPod - just hook it up and sync everything. I'm sure there are phones out there that do this, but this isn't one of them.)

So I'm stuck taking a half an hour re-keying everything in via the phones lovely interface. It's better than the phone I had, but it's still a pain. Then I had to re-grab the ring tones and wallpaper that I liked. (And had on the previous unit.) I think that the extra sales I generated for Telus in downloading that stuff again should entitle me to some kind of rebate.

The cool thing about this phone is my ability to check websites on it. I had wireless web on the other phone, but the graphics sucked. This one actually shows some of the web page, which is neat. Of course watching it download is like watching paint dry. I feel like it has a 14.4 modem in it, and it's running at 50% capacity. Still, it's nice to have. (Gmail from my phone? Bitchin!)

I'm almost done the programming, and I've only had four finger cramps so far.
By the time I'm done, I 'll be too cramped up to flip it open.


And when I said Gmail, I meant it. I wasn't thinking Porn at all, until right now. But that would be kinda Bitchin, right?

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