Friday, December 08, 2006

@#$%& Printer.

I just spent fifteen minutes fucking around with my printer.

(And not in a good way, either.)*

I never use the damn thing.
I can't recall the last time I printed anything, but I need some documents for work. So I fire the old beast up, (that's it, pictured on the right) and it proceeds to tell me it's out of Black ink.


I go to get the ink cartridge refilled at one of those discount filler places, and it turns out they weren't able to do it. So I get a generic cartridge at the office supply store. I get home and put it in, and then for some reason the whole thing freezes up. It slows my whole computer down. I un-install and reinstall the printer, and even when I'm doing that it's a bit funky. (Everything else on the computer is okay and running at lightning speed.)

Finally, by the grace of God, I get it installed.

Now it tells me it's out of Color ink.

I just about put it through the wall.

Piece of shit. (I'll deal with it tomorrow.)


*Is there a good way to fuck around with a printer? I don't think so, but I'm sure that somewhere out there there is a guy with a printer fetish. And probably pictures too, if you looked hard enough. Ewwww....

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  1. There are three houses in CR and two in Vic who can actually use Each Other's printers, and it's something I should set up.

    Printer not working? Call up Galerno and just use theirs; pick it up in a few minutes.

    I don't know why Staples isn't hooked up on the Cable system to share their printer queue -- pre-pay, sign in, print 1-1Million copies on a range of lame to cool printers, and go pick it up later. Printing flyers or lost-dog notices? Don't do it on that Lexmark craptastic 2000. Print those vacation shots from home, pick it up when you're next grabbing a Mondo Burrito. Takes about an hour to set up, using tech that's been around for about 15 years.