Friday, December 29, 2006

Storage Problem.

There is so much crap in my house that I do not know what to do with it.

With Christmas and The Boys Birthdays all in less than a week, the sheer amount of wrapping paper and still-boxed presents is overwhelming. As I go through my Domestic Chores today, I find it all a bit maddening. (The wrapping paper is all gone, but everything is still in it's just-opened state.)

I like a neat, orderly home. My obsessive compulsive nature demands it. I'm not a neat freak/germaphobe, but I like to have everything in it's place. This transition with all the new items received at Christmas leaves me a bit out of sorts.

You see, all my shit is put away. Everything I got is exactly where it is supposed to be. It's all the kids stuff that throws me off. We now have to go through the old toys, remove what is not being used, and slowly introduce the new toys. (In case you are wondering, there were presents from last Christmas and Easter that were just introduced in September. Toy rotation is like laundry, it never ends.)

I've busted my ass and finally have most of the house in shape. My solution? Chuck almost everything into the garage so it's out of the way, and then work on it from there. If I had to look at that disorganization on a daily basis, someone was going to get hurt.

But it's almost over now.

The stress is slowly starting to fade as the clutter dissipates. If only there was a way I could fully relax.... Has anyone seen my Cumchuckers?


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