Sunday, December 17, 2006

10 Things....

I want to do before I die.

  1. Skydive. - Really. I mean it. It'll probably be the way I go out- but what the hell- you've got to try it once, right?
  2. See Europe. - I'd really like to see some of the sights and just get a feel for the history. I don't live in a young country, but compared to Europe Canada is barely a teenager.
  3. Have Coffee with Kevin Smith and Dave Grohl. - You know it would be bitchin'. I would start smoking again just for that time period. So we could all smoke brothers.
  4. Drive a Hot Car. - Porsche, Lambo, Aston Martin, whatever. Just something that is insanely expensive and fast. I'll try not to hit anything with it.
  5. Go to Disneyland. - Yes I have never been there. I'd like to go twice. Once for me and once for the kids.
  6. Go Backstage. - I'd like to party with the band. What band? Well it would have to be a personal favorite. I really don't want to sit around and watch Metallica cry and then have a circle jerk.
  7. See the Playboy Mansion. - I've been to Vegas. The Mansion is the only other hedonistic center I know of in North America. The others? Why do you think I want to go to Europe?
  8. Fire a Bazooka. - I'm a man. Loud boom very funny. Me like make mass destruction.
  9. Write a Novel. - If you add up all the words I've typed in this blog since I've started, I bet I have a novel already. Maybe I should just print and bind it all together. We could call it A Steaming Piece of Shit: One Man's Thoughts on the Internet. (Just a rough working titlte, but still....)
  10. I do have a Tenth thing, but it's a sexual one, so I'm not going to put it out in the public eye. Take a guess, I think you just might know what it is.


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