Monday, December 04, 2006


Let me get this straight - I'm not a hippy.

But I know someone who is even less of a non-recycler than I am.

This guy throws out pop cans.

(He also drinks more pop than most third world countries., just so you understand the scale that I'm talking about.)

I think with the pop/water this guy drinks in a month, he could by a new DVD every time he turned in his empties. (I have to say DVD, it's the only currency he understands.)

Why not just take them in? How hard is that? It can't be too tough, you see lazy homeless people picking them up all the time. I think he's got more energy than a homeless guy.

Sure isn't that social conscience wearing him down.



  1. wait a sec. You mean that deposit ISN'T the fee to have the homeless collect them? Then what the hell are they doing but panhandling downtown?

  2. Man who is this fucker...we should track him down qand show him what he is doing to the world by not rectcling...go get him that Al Gore movie to watch..irresponsible fuck nut...