Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'd Love To Be A Weatherman.

You don't even have to get it right.

Last week we had some pretty huge storms. Wind, rain, huge gusts and lots of damage. Pretty wild.

They've been saying for the last two days that we are going to be hit tonight with a storm bigger and harder than the last one. Be prepared and stay indoors - the radios and all T.V. news programs were saying it. Storm of the year material.


I just got in from shoveling my driveway.

There wasn't snow called for in any forecast that I saw.
The wind? Non-existent.
Good job picking up on that one, Geniuses.

I'd kill for a job where I didn't have to be correct about anything.

Show up, stand in front of a green screen, and just say whatever comes to mind.
People have become so used to inaccurate weather forecasting that they just assume that the guy is going to be somewhat wrong and plan accordingly.

People counting on me to be wrong at my job?

I'd be the star of the show, Baby.


1 comment:

  1. Found that wind you were looking for. Yeah, it was hiding out down here with a metric assload of rain. So they're not /really/ wrong; just blew the location.

    Yes, 'assload'. I was gonna say something better first, but WV started it by calling me a 'jcockc'