Thursday, December 07, 2006

Before I Had Kids...

  1. Meals at restaurants were a relaxing occasion. Now they are efforts in damage control.
  2. Shopping was simple. Pick stuff up, go to checkout, pay and leave. Now it's a effort not to have have the store pulled into the buggy. Strap them down? Seems reasonable, but then people look at you funny.
  3. Waiting in any line was not an issue. Now it is a challenge of mental endurance and creative distraction.
  4. The "Quick run to the store" was actually quick. Now it's like an expedition into Darkest Africa. See you in six weeks.
  5. Sleep was not a long-forgotten memory. Waking up at noon was not uncommon. Now - I can't recall what real sleep is anymore. Sleeping in means 8am - If I'm lucky.
  6. I had disposable income. Now every time I look at an XBox 360 I see my child's future, hanging on the edge of the toilet. DVD's? No thanks - these diapers I got will have to do instead.
  7. I only had to have the answers to things I cared about. Now I have to have the answer for everything. "I'm not telling you why poo is brown, okay? It just is."
  8. I would Rock & Roll all night and Party every day. Now I find rocks in pockets and party PG-style.
  9. I never knew what other peoples mucus looked or felt like. I can't say that anymore.
  10. I could walk around the house naked all day long. Now I can only do it during naptime.
As you can tell by the above, it's been a trying day.

It's amazing how sometimes going to work can feel like time off.

But the minute I hear "I love you, Daddy." - It's almost worth it all.

I'm out of here - I meed my nap.


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