Thursday, December 21, 2006

1460 Days.

Today is The Boy's 4th Birthday.

Five Years ago today I can't recall what I was doing. I could have been working, home, drunk, sober, who knows. (Take your pick, it could have been any two of the four.)

Four Years ago today I was looking at a tiny wrapped up bundle, wondering how so much can change so fast.

The Boy and I have a wonderful relationship. I'm his mentor, his disciplinarian, and his friend. We have a great time together, and I enjoy every minute I have with him.

He woke me up today at 3:30am just to see if it was his Birthday yet.

He wasn't feeling well and actually got sick a couple of times today. (Upset Stomach.) I asked him if he wanted to cancel his party and we could do it later, but he said no and toughed it out. We canceled with some of the other kids who were coming just because we don't want them to get sick as well. He maintained a cheerful attitude throughout and was a great host and center of attention while everyone was here.
I'm very proud of him.

Best Moment of the Night: He puts down his new shiny toy (Fisher Price Digital Camera - Yeah, I'm that great of a Dad) and asks me to come cuddle with him because he thinks his tummy might be hurting again.

2nd Best Moment of the Night: He stops eating his cake, looks at me and says "Thanks Daddy, This is the best Birthday ever."

I have to do this all over again for the Number 2 Son's 1st Birthday in 5 days. (Two kids in December? Yeah - I only get laid in March, and only every 3 years.)


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