Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lip Service.

I have a cold sore.

You know, that sounds a lot better than saying "I have an outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus (Type 1) on my lip." (What did Eddie Murphy say? - "You keep that shit like luggage.")

I get cold sores occasionally. They usually arrive in times of stress, or when my body is run down. Right now, I think it's mostly the former. (Fuckin' Christmas - this time of year drives me nuts.)

They don't usually get that bad or even really noticeable, but I always feel like I look like that kid from Mask.

I normally stock up on the ol' Blistex here and just keep that baby moisturized. (If only all of life's issues could be solved by keeping them moisturized.) It normally goes away in a day or two. I hope that it's not too prominent in any of The Boy's birthday photos tomorrow.

Nothing I can do but wait it out.

And drink from a straw.

(Timmy's Coffee through a straw! It'll be all the rage!)


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