Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why I like American Elections.

  1. Canadian elections are so boring. Our negative advertising involves fiscal spending, non-performance, and blindly following the party line. American negative advertising seems to stop just short of each candidate declaring that their opposite distributes kiddie porn.
  2. Coverage. Almost every channel I have is showing election results. I think that the only thing that would interrupt election coverage would be a nuclear bomb detonating. But only if it was in one of the "swing" states.
  3. They get to mix it up a little. Want social programs? Vote for a Democratic Governor. Still want to keep that Ak-47 for shooting squirrels? Vote for your Republican Senator. It's like mix and match specials at the all you can eat Democracy Restaurant!
  4. The chance for error. When you think about a country that voted for George W. not once, but twice, you know anything can happen. I wouldn't be surprised if an electronic voting machine started dispensing Crack and Colt 45.
  5. It's almost like every vote counts. Look at Florida and Ohio. Nobody even knew where Ohio was before the last election, now it's considered an important state. Canadian elections are usually decided by two French guys eating poutine at Wimpy's in the 'Shwa. The votes out west don't even seem to mater. Last election I wanted to put Obi-Wan as my write-in choice, just to see if it would be noticed.
I do kinda enjoy watching all the madness go on down South on a night like tonight. In the morning nothing will really change. Same shit, different people.

And that's the lesson I've learned on either side of the border.


(On a side note, it's nice to see the Governator repeat again. I guess the only one who'll be able to take him down may be a really buff Linda Hamilton running as a Democrat.)

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