Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Maximum Heart Rate.

One of the things I said I would do when I got shipped back to the Big City was to start back at the Gym again. I really enjoyed it when I was going on a consistent basis, so time to get off my lazy ass and get back in there.

Today was my first day back.

I went through the formalities of signing up again, letting them know that I don't have heart disease or emphysema, and that there's nothing that is likely to cause me to die while on the Rowing Machine.

I came back on my lunch to do my workout, and it was fairly easy to slip back into the groove again. I did wonder what the point of filling out the medical information was, because there was a guy next to me in the cardio area who looked like he was going to soon cast off this mortal coil. After thinking for a moment how I didn't want to be a First Responder in that type of situation, I proceeded to cut that section of my cardio short and hit the weights. After Mr. Near-Death-in-Shorts left, I went back and finished my cardio.

One of the things I like most about the gym?
Showering in the middle of the day. I like coming back from my lunch all fresh and invigorated. (The showers are single booths, so don't think anything funny, okay?) Plus I just look really slick.

I'm going to go on my lunches like I did before, but I'll probably try to get an evening workout done once a week as well. I think it would be beneficial, and will help keep me focused.
I'm working on creating a playlist for The Nano that is the right amount of time and tempo to keep me on track for the work out. (Or is the iPod in the gym too Yuppie? Fuck it- they can pry it from my cold, dead hands.)

I'm off to wash my Gym wear, so I can look pretty while I sweat.


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