Saturday, November 11, 2006

174 Days.

That's how long it is until Spiderman 3 comes out.

I think that the Spiderman franchise is one of the few that seems to get better with every installment. After viewing the recently released trailer, I expect this one to be great for a multitude of reasons.
  • Sandman is an interesting villain. They've done something to make him more personal to Peter, but the fact that they are taking a chance with a different style character shows that they aren't just stamping out cookie cutter sequels.
  • Peter gets mean. As you can tell by the picture, Black Costume = Bad Ass. It's funny how in the movies the bad guys wear black, but in real life, they just wear wife beaters.
  • I was never a big Venom fan, but if it's done right, he can be a great character and opposing force to Spiderman. If they even hint of a Carnage appearance, I'm throwing my coke at the screen and leaving.
  • Mary Jane. Any movie with the sweet apperance of a slightly damp MJ is good enough for me.
Here's to hoping they don't fuck it up.

But as I said earlier, I don't think they will. The track record is good, and I think that it's the type of franchise the actors themselves care about.

Now I just have to find something to occupy my time for the next 174 days....
(And please don't suggest masturbating to visions of MJ in the alley. That only covers 157 days.)


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